Current position

I am a forest ecologist interested in understanding forest ecosystem function, biogeochemical cycles and distubance dynamics in forests facing environmental change. Forest management plays an important role in controlling the stand biomass stock and therefore that of carbon. Thus, it is impossible to understand global terrestrial carbon sink without understanding forest demography.

My current research in Prof. Laura Dee’s lab at CU Boulder focuses on identifying evidence-based environmental solutions and natural climate solutions for carbon management from the perspective of silviculture and forest soil management in the Great Lakes region. This research is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and done in partnership with The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota (Dr. Meredith Cornett), USDA Forest Service and University of Minnesota’s Carbon Science Group.

I am also the previous pod leader for 500 Women Scientist, a grassroots organization dedicated to making science open, inclusive and accessible, in Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo credit: Lilli Kaarakka)